Charities do not collect money on the street – Andreeva

Psychologist, coordinator of the project “Warm House” of the fund “Volunteers to help orphans” Elena Andreeva in a comment Pravda.Ru told how not to run into scammers on the street among those who collect money for charity.

According to the expert, serious charitable organizations do not collect funds on the street.

“Charity organizations do not collect money on the streets, only as part of some actions. If a person walks and says that he is a volunteer and asks to donate to a transparent box, then this is definitely a scammer. Because it cannot be a mobile box, he must stand in one place. The website of the organization should indicate that such and such a specific action is taking place,” she said.

At the same time, the coordinator of the “Warm House” project added that the people who stand on the streets do not take “real money”, they offer to sign up for donations.

In addition, Andreeva recommended asking volunteers who collect money on the street, what kind of action they are doing this, where you can see this information, as well as reports on the work done.

“Usually all this is missing,” she concluded.

According to the psychologist, there are only three organizations that fundraise on the street, the rest are scammers and there are quite a few of them.

“These are SOS Children’s Villages, these are Greenpeace and the Red Cross. They don’t collect donations. They offer to sign up for donations,” Pravda.Ru’s interlocutor concluded.

Previously it was reported that the main tool of scammers – social engineering.

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