César Vallejo announced the departure of Santiago Silva and Elsar Rodas

The 'poets' have begun to put together their new squad for 2023.
The ‘poets’ have begun to put together their new squad for 2023.

The Cesar Vallejo University communicated on their social networks the departures of santiago silva Y elsar rhodes of the Trujillo institution. The Uruguayan striker has been on loan since July to Binational Sportswhile the left back went on loan from the beginning of the year to Atletico Grau de Piura.

“Thank you so much, ‘Santi’! For being part of the familypoet‘ All the successes in your next projects”, were the words of ‘Mechanical Orange’ about the departure of the 32-year-old attacker. In this competition, he has only scored twice in 26 appearances.

Since his arrival at Peru, belonged to four different institutions. The first one that added him to his squad was the San Martin University in 2014. After two years abroad, he returned to wear the jersey of Sporting Cristal, although his step was not very remaining. In 2019, he would be introduced as the new center forward for the ‘poets‘, where he had several stages. Finally, this year he used the colors of the ‘mighty of the south‘.

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“Thank you so much, Elsar! For being part of the ‘poet’ family. All the successes in your next projects”, was the message on the official account of César Vallejo to fire the 28-year-old player. The defender played 29 games with the ‘albos‘, in which he scored a goal and provided two assists.

Rosales throughout his professional career played in five teams. He debuted in The aligators in 2014, starting 39 games and scoring one goal. The following year he would be hired by Sporting Cristal, but he did not achieve a space in the starting team. In 2016, he signed for John Aurich. During the two years that he was in the ‘northern cyclone‘, would be the game in 74 commitments, where he converted two goals and six goal passes.

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For the 2018 campaign, the ‘UCV‘ I would hire him to play the Peruvian second division championship. After achieving the goal of ascending, he would stay in the club until 2022. In all that time, he participated in 103 games in the local tournament, although in his last moments he would lose his place in the starting eleven.

The Cesar Vallejo University was in sixth place in the league 1 with 60 accumulated points and managed to qualify for the South American Cup of 2023. Despite having a scorer like Yorleys Menawho scored 15 goals, could not be in the fight for the national title.

Apart from the outputs of Silva and of Rhodes, in previous days it was announced that the players Abdiel Arroyo, Jorge Ríos and César Riera were not continuing in the team. On the other hand, the renewal of Alejandro Ramirez until 2024 and the contracting of Sebastian Abreu as the new coach of the Trujillana squad.


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