Central Bank fears cessation of trading in foreign currencies – economist

The Central Bank of Russia fears termination of trading in euros and dollars in the domestic market. This opinion was expressed by a financial analyst Alexander Razuvaev.

In an interview with, he said that the Central Bank specialists want to return to interbank market with the participation of various credit institutions.

“There are serious concerns about the termination of trading in dollars and euros on the Moscow Exchange,” the expert said.

As Razuvaev explained, the new measures of the Central Bank will be aimed at circumventing the restrictive measures introduced by Western countries. According to him, Russia needs to “take a course somewhere” in the face of a ban on currency trading.

The economist stressed that if the Central Bank implements its plans, then foreign currency can be received using third-party platforms that are not directly related to exchanges.

Former Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed the employees of the Central Bank to develop a strategy for the development of the country’s financial market until 2030.

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