Casualties in the Russian army amount to 114,130, according to the Ukrainian General Staff

Lviv (Ukraine), 13 Jan. The number of casualties in the Russian army amounts to 114,130 since February 24, the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, of which 740 correspond to the last 24 hours, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported today.

Ukrainian troops managed to destroy, in addition, 3,098 Russian tanks -four in the last day-, 6,167 armored combat vehicles (8), 2,086 artillery systems (4), 437 MLRS multiple rocket launchers, 218 anti-aircraft defense systems, 286 aircraft ( 1) and 276 helicopters.

They also eliminated 1,865 operational-tactical unmanned devices and 723 cruise missiles.

Likewise, they destroyed seventeen ships or boats, 4,833 vehicles and fuel tanks (7) and 184 special equipment, according to the statement on Facebook collected by the Ukrinform agency. EFE


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