Carlos Vílchez on his departure from ‘JB en ATV’: “It is difficult to leave your companion of so many years”

Carlos Vílchez confesses how difficult it was to leave Jorge Benavides.  (Capture)
Carlos Vílchez confesses how difficult it was to leave Jorge Benavides. (Capture)

This 2023 brought with it many changes in Peruvian television and among them, the departure of Carlos Vilchez of ‘JB on ATV’ to enter as a driver in america television. And it is that, the comic actor will give life to his popular character, ‘the Charlotte’to be the main face of a new magazine together with María Pía Copello.

This meant that the comedian said goodbye to the program he shared with Jorge Benavides During the last years. On December 31, 2022, the comedian appeared for the last time on ATV screens to say goodbye to his colleagues and the followers of the television space.

During an interview in a local media, Carlos Vilchez revealed how difficult it was to make the decision to change television houses and stop sharing a set with Jorge Benavides after many years working together. However, he was optimistic about this new opportunity to return to driving.

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“It was a difficult decision because it is leaving your partner of so many years. Now, it’s not leaving comedy, because what I’m going to do at noon still has a lot of comedy. But yes, the decision was difficult. Sometimes you have to do different things to continue growing in this career that is so hard, especially in these times, ”he told Trome.

He also assured that he is happy to continue on television and that the most important thing is the well-being of his family. “I am happy and happy to return to America, a channel where they always treated me well, just like in Latin America, on ATV. One leaves sad, but always thinking about the family, which is the most important thing, ”she added.

Carlos Vílchez appears in the promotion of América TV. Conductor will share space with Maria Pía Copello.

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At another time, Carlos Vílchez did not hesitate to praise his future partner, María Pía Copello. Although he pointed out that they have never been able to work together, he hopes to spend the best moments with her. He also indicated that he does not know how long she will remain on the screens of América Televisión.

“For how long? I don’t know. With Maria Pia I have never worked, she has been invited with me, maybe up to four times, we have had a great time, because it is very fun, but from there it will happen, I don’t know if we will be together, “he said.

“You have to have fun, you have to have a good time, you have to enjoy it, especially at noon with the housewives, give them a little fun. It is what we want, it is our objective and we have to fulfill it and see how it goes, we hope very well (…) Pía is very funny, so expect something good from us, ”she added.


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