Car bombs explode and two policemen are killed in Ecuador

Quito, 1 Nov. At least two car bombs exploded early Tuesday morning and two police officers were killed in the Ecuadorian province of Guayas (southwest) when unknown individuals attacked a patrol car.

“In the early hours of today, a patrol car was attacked by criminals with firearms. In this cowardly act, two policemen lost their lives, our solidarity with their families,” the Police said on Twitter without further details.

He noted that investigative and other operational units are working to find those responsible.

On the other hand, police sources confirmed to EFE that there have been four attacks with explosives in Guayaquil, some on police units, and two in the province of Esmeraldas.

On Monday, two bodies, apparently male, appeared suspended on a pedestrian bridge in the coastal province of Esmeraldas, bordering Colombia.

It was the third case in Ecuador of bodies hanging from a bridge after reported events in the provinces of Guayas (February) and Cañar (March).

Several cases of violence have been recorded in recent months in Ecuador and the province of Esmeraldas (northwest), one of the most affected by these events, along with Guayas, whose capital is Guayaquil.

Early this Tuesday, two car bombs exploded in Guayas, and unknown individuals threw pamphlets outside media outlets rejecting the transfer of prisoners to other prisons.

The Guayaquil Terrestrial Transport Terminal reported that around three in the morning, in the urban bus area, next to the Pascuales Municipal Terrestrial Terminal, “the detonation of an alleged car bomb occurred,” an event that left no victims. , but minor material damage.

The local press also reports the explosion of other cars in the province of Esmeraldas.

The Police have called a press conference this morning to detail what happened during the early morning.


The National Service for Comprehensive Care for Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI) reported this Tuesday that it is carrying out an operation at the Guayas Prison Center No. 1 with the support of the Armed Forces, the Police and the Corps. Security and Penitentiary Surveillance for the “transfer of persons deprived of liberty, for purposes of repairs in pavilions”.

Without going into details, the SNAI indicated that eight prison officials “are being held” by inmates in the Esmeraldas prison and that “the authorities and institutions are dealing with this issue.” EFE


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