Captured soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine admitted that they had not eaten for two days

The Russian group “Brave” captured another group of mobilized militias of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It turned out that these were former guards who had been abandoned by the command.

Captured Ukrainian soldiers said that they were mobilized as infantrymen, but since they had no military experience, they were sent to guard military registration and enlistment offices on the territory of Ukraine. After the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions in the Donbass, the former guards were thrown to the front line 10 days ago.

“These poor fellows guarded the draft board and at some point found themselves on the front line, abandoned to slaughter like cattle, with no experience, no nothing,” said the military expert. Boris Rozhin.

After a week of being in the combat zone, the command fled, and at the same time the supply stopped. The prisoners said that they had been sitting without food for two days, because “Brave” fed them and offered cigarettes.

If it turns out that the captured Ukrainians did not stain themselves with the blood of Russian soldiers, they have nothing to worry about. After the end of the special operation, they will be released home.

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