Captured British and Maroan set to appeal against death penalty Svt

The Russian agent TASS told Pinner’s lawyer Julia Tserkovnikov today.

Currently, with colleagues, we are preparing, in the interest of our clients, full appeal against the verdict. Undoubtedly, if the appeal is dismissed and the verdict takes precedence, it will suffer enough pardon, or it is an inalienable first defendant determined by the legislation of the Doncki people, which can not be violated and its application categorically lasts, said Cerkovnikov.

The court in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic of Ukraine considers all of these to be old. He found them guilty of trying to seize power and training for terrorist activities.

All of them are soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who signed contracts to go before the arrest of the Russian invasion. They have lived in Ukraine for at least a few years, one of them has a Ukrainian passport, a Russian-language version of the BBC.

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