Cancer survivor Elena Ksenofontova spoke about her husband who choked her, bullying, Russophobia and a special operation

Elena Ksenofontova after the end of the projects

Elena Ksenofontova after the end of the projects “Kitchen” and “Hotel Eleon” does not appear on the screens so often

The star of the TV series Cadets, Heartbreakers and other popular projects, Elena Ksenofontova, after the end of the Kitchen and Hotel Eleon projects, does not appear on the screens so often: over the past two years, the artist has released two projects. It is all the more interesting to watch an interview with Ksenofontova, who spoke frankly with her colleague Vyacheslav Manucharov. KP.RU gives some important fragments of this conversation.


“I had agreements, obligations. I don’t want to apologize or make excuses to anyone, I’ve been putting it off [публикацию поста в период начала СВО], as best I could, but in the end I had to publish this post. It is difficult to explain to everyone that I was a hostage to certain rules. As best she could, she resisted. And I went for it, knowing what I was doing. We continue to live. And we need to move on.”


“I don’t believe that if my house is bombed today and I sit in a bomb shelter, then in Ukraine people will quit their jobs and sit down to sympathize. At the same time, I am an absolute empath. I get sick from the news, I cry a lot. I sincerely sympathize to this day. But the amount of malice and wishes addressed to me from people with whom I sympathize – so that I die, so that my children survive what the children of Mariupol experienced … for what? In 2014, a friend wrote to me: “May you choke on your oil!” I replied: “Let me at least smell this oil, so that I know what I should choke on.”


“I can relate to the NWO as I please, but why should I be ashamed that I am Russian? What the heck? Why yesterday, people who admired the athletes, the achievements of Russia, behave like this today? It turns out that this situation only revealed what was hidden? It turns out we are not brothers. Then why do you, non-brother, reproach me and shout? Let’s decide. I was generally born in Kazakhstan, the absolute limit. She lived in a small mining town. We had Germans, and Kazakhs, and Greeks, and Ukrainians, and Poles, and Finns, and Russians. And, I swear, I did not know then (in the early 70s) that xenophobia, anti-Semitism and so on existed. And now several generations have grown up in Ukraine, who were brought up in hatred of Russia, and not just in the denial of kinship. There are many adequate people there, but we all get used to living in a certain environment.”


“You can’t swing your fists. But I didn’t beat anyone (a criminal case was opened against the actress, who was sued by her ex-husband, lawyer Alexander Ryzhykh, accusing her of domestic violence – Auth.). I had to defend myself, otherwise they would have simply strangled me. And nothing is over yet. The trials have been going on for six years. Everything was organized to take this, this and this from me. Until now, people are doing this. Such is the vendetta. There was a period when I lived with panic attacks, tears, fears and so on. And then I realized that my daughter was 5 when we ran away, and now 7, and we spent two years on all these showdowns. I can’t live in such a way that my daughter remembers her childhood like that. ”


“It seems to me that the situation with the disease is another confirmation of the existence of God and his providence. As much treatment as they injected into me … literally to the state of a vegetable … with an inaccurate diagnosis … they healed so that I acquired a bunch of concomitant sores. The diagnosis was not really made – “general changes in the brain.” Two doctors said “cancer”. And you live with it. And then a doctor from the clinic of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation told me: “You know, Lena, the area around which your diagnosis revolves has not been studied so much that I feel sorry for you. You will just be healed. And they can’t make a diagnosis. If you can learn to “negotiate” with the disease and take analgesics that you can get used to, you will live.” It had such an effect on me! She came home and told her husband: “We will negotiate.” That’s how I live”

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