Cancer patient Laime Vaikule underwent surgery

Laima Vaikule.

Laima Vaikule.


Laima Vaikule, who faced a recurrence of breast cancer, recently underwent surgery. The singer does not comment on her condition yet, but she began to appear in a headscarf. Surrounded by the artist, they say that she wears a wig. At the same time, the vocalist noticeably rejuvenated. And that’s why.

Laima Vaikule had plastic surgery. The singer did a facelift. We are talking about procedures that allow you to eliminate deep wrinkles in the forehead, save the patient from overhanging the upper eyelid.

“The procedure belongs to the category of minimally invasive operations and is performed using plates made of a special absorbable material, on which tissues are fixed,” said plastic surgeon Madina Bayramukova. According to her, there are no traces of the operation. Incisions are made in the scalp and near the ears.

“Most likely, she also removed deep nasolabial creases and soft tissue ptosis. Recovery after both interventions can take up to two months,” the specialist quotes Edema after such interventions cannot be avoided.

It is worth noting that currently Vaikule is located in Jurmala. She is supported by Alla Pugacheva with Maxim Galkin. Alla Borisovna and her star husband live next to the artist.

Recall that the singer of the hit “Vernissage” was diagnosed with cancer in 1991. Then the star lived in the USA. She underwent a course of treatment, then there was a recovery period. It was then, according to the singer, that she came to faith. But in the spring of 2022, relatives confirmed that the disease had returned. There was a relapse. Laima again underwent therapy in the States, and then returned to Latvia.

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