Campaign against exploitation of Ukrainian refugees launched with OSCE participation

The OSCE, together with Thomson Reuters, launched the Stay Safe campaign to combat the risks of human trafficking and exploitation of Ukrainian refugees in transit and host countries.

A special website has been launched as part of the campaign, Ukrinform reports.

The portal provides important information and advice designed to help Ukrainians who are forced to find themselves abroad, including when looking for work and housing.

It is noted that new data from Thomson Reuters and the OSCE found “clear signals that traffickers are preying on Ukrainians fleeing the conflict, and there is a growing demand for sexual services online.” This demand encourages criminals to mislead and coerce women and children into sex and other forms of exploitation.

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So, according to a new analysis by Thomson Reuters, from March to June 2022, the number of search queries for “porn with Ukrainian refugees” and “rape of Ukrainian women” increased by 300%.

The goal of the “Be Safe” digital media awareness campaign is to inform Ukrainians about how to recognize the signs human trafficking, minimize risks and get help. A large-scale campaign on social networks is also expected, so that as many Ukrainians as possible can access the necessary information on mobile phones.

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As reported, as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, more than 6 million people were forced to seek asylum in the EU countries. In response, the EU for the first time in history activated the so-called Temporary Protection Directive, which gives refugees from Ukraine the right to stay on its territory and provides basic social conditions, including health care, education and the right to work.

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