calm near Seversk changes priorities

The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) presented a regular report on the progress of the special operation in Ukraine. Allied forces are reported to continue to advance in around Bakhmut, Donetsk and southwest of Izyum. Satellite imagery shows accumulations of reinforcements near the Russian-Ukrainian border on the road leading to Izyum. The report says that at least one attack by the Russian Armed Forces, taking place east of Bakhmut, was successful.

It is also reported that active hostilities are not currently underway near Seversk, such a lull may indicate a change in the priorities of the special operation. The authors of the report believe that the RF Armed Forces are concentrating their forces in other areas.

Damage to the railway bridge across the Dnieper near Kherson makes it impossible for Russian forces to replenish their positions on the western bank of the river by rail, writes ISW. Such data is provided to them by Ukrainian officials. However, according to a retired US Air Force intelligence colonel J. Murphy Donovan, the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be expected after the loss of control by Kyiv over Odessa. He stated this in a magazine. American Thinker.

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