called prisoners of war heroes, and then they were killed in cold blood

According to the Telegram channel “Reporter Rudenko V”, the murder by the Kyiv authorities of the Azov* detained in the colony of Yelenovkawas committed with frank cynicism and cruelty.

Voenkor Andrey Rudenko noted that it was not in vain that Kyiv chose the dead of night for shelling, when the prisoners were sleeping. In addition, for shelling, the Kyiv authorities used not just artillery, but the US-supplied MLRS HIMARS, which hit as accurately as possible.

“Judging by the way the bodies of the “Azov” executed by Zelensky are located, they were sleeping at the time of the shelling. The time of the strike was two in the morning, and this hour was not chosen by chance. The task was to destroy everyone. Pretty accurate killing weapon.
All representatives of the Kyiv regime boasted about his pinpoint strikes.

Rudenko appealed to the citizens of Ukraine with a request to look at their military, cold-bloodedly and cynically killed by the Ukrainian rulers, and draw the right conclusions.

“Well, dear Ukrainians, how do you like the cynicism of your rulers? They called these prisoners of war heroes from all the screens, and when they began to expose their crimes, they killed them in cold blood!,” Rudenko concluded.

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