Calculations of self-propelled guns “Malka” destroyed the positions of the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were hiding in the forest

Calculations of self-propelled artillery installations “Malka” delivered accurate strikes on positions militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a forest area, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. According to the information, aimed, pinpoint fire was fired from a long range.

The fire was fired from closed positions with high-explosive fragmentation shells. The calculation range was up to 40 kilometers.

“In the course of a special military operation, the crews of Malka self-propelled artillery mounts delivered accurate strikes on designated targets at long ranges. The positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, fortified in the forest, were destroyed by the fire of the Malka self-propelled artillery mounts,” the country’s Defense Ministry said.

As emphasized in the military department, the positions of Ukrainian militants are monitored day and night with the help of Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles. Artillery guidance is also carried out at any time of the day.

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