By destabilizing Belarus, Kyiv will strengthen the northern borders – Dzermant

The Kyiv regime began to vigorously promote the rhetoric about an allegedly possible attack on Ukraine by Belarus in order to increase arms supplies from Western and European partners, said the director of the Center for the Study and Development of Continental Integration “Northern Eurasia” (Minsk) Alexey Dzermant.

As the expert emphasized, there can be two goals in such statements:

  • armed fortification of the northern borders of Ukraine,
  • destabilization within Belarus itself.

“It is unlikely that they will pull the second front, despite the mobilization and increase in the number of troops. This will still be a serious blow for them. It is important for Ukraine to either destabilize Belarus through sabotage and terrorist attacks, or completely close the border with troops,” Dzermant explained to .

As the expert stressed, the Kyiv regime is probably ready for decisive action against Minsk in order to achieve its goals.

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