Bulgarian political scientist compared the conflict in Ukraine with the Korean War

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine could drag on for a long time and it would be too reckless to wait for a peace agreement, said a Bulgarian political scientist Ivan Krastev. In his opinion, probably special operation in Nezalezhnaya will end only with a fragile temporary truce.

As Krastev emphasized, the Ukrainian conflict will have the same outcome as in the Korean War.

“I don’t expect the conflict to end quickly. And I’m afraid that it will end like the Korean War. We will get a truce, but not peace,” the political scientist quotes WELT.

According to Krastev, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will resist to the last against the conclusion of peace, and the Russian leader Vladimir Putin will not agree to comply with the requirements of Kyiv and withdraw the military from the territory of Nezalezhnaya.

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