Bulgarian government prime minister Petkova kon, parliament expressed no confidence Svt

The GERB party of the former long-time prime minister Boyko Borisov submitted a motion last week. Most of the parliamentary representatives of the populist group Je such a nation (ITN), which left the government two weeks ago due to disagreements, joined the other opposition parties.

These prevailed, among other things, around the current sentence of Sofia during the EU’s accession talks with the North Macedonia and the anti-corruption measures.

123 deputies of the National Assembly spoke in favor of the Cabinet. There were 116 conspirators against the proposal.

This vote is just a small step on a very long journey, Petkov said after the vote. They do not want (the opposition) that the Bulgarian people cannot be won in this way, he added. On Wednesdays and in recent days, anti-government demonstrations took place in the streets of Sofia, but they also had mass support in support of it.

The cabinet has survived just six months since its inception last December. Petkov and his centrist party Continuing Change (PP) then managed to put together a government vote and the result of the November landslide elections, the previous vote in April and July ended with a political stalemate.

As part of the election, the PP is now proposing a new prime minister to the parliament, according to the Reuters agency. If he does not find support for him, there will be two attempts by the other parties. Only the president will appoint a cabinet and announce a temporary election, which would be a quarter in less than a year.

The government will write to the number of Moscow’s influence

The Bulgarian government will probably be influenced by the upcoming European Union summit, which will discuss, among other things, the birth of the 27 to the western Balkans. Petkov put international pressure to pull the sentence in Skopje. At home, he premiered criticism that the team would have betrayed national figures.

After the invasion of Ukraine, Petkov’s government took on an unprecedented hard position in Russia. According to the AP agency, he could now write about the number of Moscow’s influence in the country. In addition to the far right, the Socialist Party (BSP) and President Rumen Radev are still sympathetic to Russia in some respects.

At the time of his accession, the cabinet criticized the goal of eradicating corruption and demonstrated its determination to fight payments on the highest levels of politics by arresting the conservative former Prime Minister Borisov, who, however, managed to release the court due to procedural doubts.

The first divergent views on the fight against the mafia and the oligarchic structures of the media were related to the rift between Petkov and ITN leader Slavi Trifonov.

st deputy ITN in protest against the departure of the government left the party and voted against the disbelief. This was not enough for more than 122 seats in the 240-member parliament. Petkov stated before the vote that he would gain support among deputies, such as political entities, even in the event of disbelief.

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