Bulgaria was bred into seven LNG tankers, and now it wants gas from Russia again

Bulgarians became “the biggest fools in Europe” refusing from Russian gas supplies.

Bulgaria faces hunger and cold in winter

About it “declared bTV Chairman of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (AIKB) Vasil Velevcommenting on an open letter to the government dated 27 July.

According to him, in “vague promises” “we were promised gas four times cheaper, but it became twice as expensive, but the worst thing is that there is no gas for business.”

In addition, even if these promised tankers (of which there were seven, and then it turned out to be three) still come, this gas will not be able to get to Bulgaria, because there are neither unloading terminals nor a route for the gas to enter, Velev added.

“And even if this gas reaches Bulgaria, it will not solve the problem, because it provides less than half of the deficit, and this is 73% of consumption. This means that for the last quarter we have gas only for Sofia Heat Supply,” Velev said.

According to him, the business will be forced to fire 250,000 workers due to the lack of blue fuel, and gas prices on the spot market will lead to tripling heating bills.

“We are the biggest fools in Europe. We are more Ukrainians than those Ukrainians who consume and transit Russian gas. We are more Europeans than the French, Germans, Austrians and Italians who use Russian gas under their long-term contracts. We refuse Russian gas , which is at least 1/3 cheaper, and are looking for liquefied gas, which we cannot bring into the country’s gas transmission network. For our patience with the atrocities of the authorities, we will pay this winter with hunger and cold, “commented the chairman of AIKB.

There is no alternative to Russian gas for Bulgaria

Velev noted that business insists on the immediate and urgent restoration of supplies from Gazpromexport under the current contract.

“If we do not do this, we will also pay more than 1 billion euros in fines under the ‘take or pay’ clause of the current contract,” Velev said.

According to him, Russian gas is cheaper than the alternative that Bulgaria is looking for “outside of Azerbaijan”, and “our gas storage is the emptyest in Europe, although the size is minimal compared to consumption.”

Bulgaria a month ago retired government Kirila Petkova, which refused to pay for gas to Gazprom through ruble accounts. On April 26, Gazprom stopped supplying gas to Bulgaria. Due to the fact that Germany cannot supply Nord Stream 1 with working turbines, and the rest of the pipelines also operate at half capacity for various reasons, Bulgaria has been left with nothing.

Bulgargaz all this time bought gas from intermediaries, and then resold it with a 20% mark-up, writes And recently, against the backdrop of the energy crisis, the company submitted an application to the commission for the regulation of energy and water resources to increase the price of gas in the country in August by 60%.

At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is ready to resume deliveries if the Bulgarian side agrees to new payment terms.

Interim government of Bulgaria promises “smart solutions” to the people

The interim cabinet of ministers, appointed the other day, decided to resume negotiations with Gazprom.

Thus, the chairman of the board of directors of Bulgargaz Ivan Topchisky He said on Nova that negotiations are ongoing.

“We don’t know how the correspondence will develop, but there is a possibility of resuming deliveries. This case is not completely closed. We are talking about a contract that we signed before the end of the year,” he said.

Bulgargaz, looking for an alternative to Gazprom, ordered seven tankers to transport liquefied gas from the United States. They should be delivered by spring 2023. However, the receipt of these volumes is subject to the condition that the company must provide a place for unloading.

Bulgarian media “fear”that the interim government can “turn around and restore Russian gas supplies by accepting Gazprom’s payment terms in rubles.” There are calls “not to put Putin in the hands of his favorite weapon.”

Interim Cabinet of Bulgaria to head Gylyb Donev. He promised make “smart decisions, taking into account the interests of every citizen of Bulgaria.” They should be aimed at improving people’s lives, and not be a “political message,” the prime minister said.

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