Bulgakov’s evil fate did not work: the premiere of the film “Woland” will take place

The company assured that the premiere of the film

The company assured that the premiere of the film “Woland” will take place this year.

The company “Mars Media Entertainment” denied information about the lawsuit brought against Bulgakov’s heirs.

The news that Bulgakov’s heirs got into an unpleasant situation was previously published by the popular telegram channel Mash. According to the channel, the enterprising Sergey and Daria Shilovsky, who own the inheritance of the great non-relative in half, managed to sell the rights to film the book to America, and in 2017 they traded again, already in their native country. When the case surfaced, the Americans filed a complaint, and as a result, the shooting of our version of the classic had to be stopped.

“Mars Media considered that everything happened through the fault of the Shilovskys, and filed a lawsuit against them. They demand compensation for 115 million rubles of production losses, ”- writes MASH.

However, the KP correspondent managed to get through to the domestic film company, and Mars Media Entertainment did not agree with the information of the telegram channel.

– Do you really need to comment on this somehow …. it says that the film was not even shot. And it was filmed very well and even almost completed, – said the head of the press service, Irina Danilova.

In principle, problems with film adaptations of The Master and Margarita have long become commonplace. Many wanted to make a film based on the book, but not everyone succeeded. Director Naumov even said that Bulgakov’s wife appeared to him in a dream and said that the film adaptation would not take place.

However, the company assured that the premiere, which is called “Woland” will take place next year. The film was directed by Mikhail Lokshin, known for his work “Silver Skates”; the leader of evil spirits is played by the German actor August Diehl, and the roles of the Master and Margarita are played by the spouses Evgeny Tsyganov and Yulia Snigir. This adds spice, because the sensational story of Evgeny Tsyganov, with the departure from his wife to Snigir, is very reminiscent of the story described by Bulgakov. True, this is not the story of the Master, but of Margarita, but it doesn’t matter.

Actress Julia Snigir.

Actress Julia Snigir.

Recall that for the first time “The Master and Margarita” was filmed in Poland in the seventies of the last century. The last, for today, the film version was the 10-episode television series by Vladimir Bortko, which was released in 2005, and in the winter of this year, to the music of Kornelyuk, written for the film adaptation of Bortko, figure skater Anna Shcherbakova triumphantly won the Olympics.

Earlier, information appeared that the director of Legends No. 17, Nikolai Lebedev, would shoot The Masters, but Lebedev was unable to complete the work due to the pandemic and the intersection of work with other filming.

The plot of Woland takes place in Moscow in the 1930s. A famous writer finds himself at the center of a literary scandal. The performance based on his play is removed from the repertoire, and colleagues turn away from him. The writer is supported only by his beloved Margarita, and with her help he starts a new novel, the hero of which is Woland, his mysterious foreigner acquaintance.


Sergei Sergeevich Shilovsky, who officially received inheritance rights to Bulgakov’s works in 1993, is not the writer’s grandson. Having married the beautiful Elena Sergeevna Shilovskaya for the third time, Bulgakov adopted her son from his first marriage.

It was Sergei Shilovsky’s grandmother who was the prototype of Bulgakov’s famous Margarita


Mars Media Entertainment was founded in 2011 by film producer Ruben Dishdishyan. For 10 years, the film company has filmed 160 projects for wide release, television channels and online platforms – 125 series, 35 films, 710 hours. Among them are T-34, Palma, Chiki, Arrhythmia, Speakerphone, Golden Horde, Hotel Rossiya, Velikaya, Storm, Closed Season, Whirlpool”, “Star”, etc. More than 130 awards received at Russian and international festivals and awards. Since 2020, Mars Media has been included in the list of leaders in domestic film production.

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