Bubka congratulated on the International Olympic Day

President of the NOC of Ukraine Serhiy Bubka congratulated on the International Olympic Day, which marks the anniversary of the founding of the IOC.

In his address, the head of Ukrainian Olympic sports notedthat in these difficult times the sports community stands in solidarity with our country, Ukrinform reports.

“Dear friends! Every year on June 23, on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding of the International Olympic Committee, all corners of the planet celebrate the unifying power of sport.

Ukraine has always valued and loved sports, was given to the ideals that underlie the Olympic movement – equality and respect.

At the present time, when the war has come to the Ukrainian land, when we feel the value of peace very sharply, this day is of particular importance. The Olympic principles of unity, friendship and support have shown their strength in action. We are very grateful to the Olympic movement and the world sports community for the unprecedented solidarity with Ukraine.

The Ukrainian sports community, by its example and victories, inspires us to overcome difficulties, losses and move forward.

Let the achievements of our athletes and their support give everyone and everyone optimism and faith in their own strength and stamina. After all, in sports we are often forced to overcome ourselves, sports bring up willpower and character.

Let the blue-and-yellow banner proudly flutter in the peaceful sky over all of Ukraine as soon as possible in honor of our common victories!

We are together! With faith in the victory of Ukraine and Ukrainian sports!” the President of the NOC of Ukraine said in his address.

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For reference. Every year on June 23, the world celebrates the International Olympic Day in memory of the revival of the Olympic movement (1894) in its modern form.


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