Brutal calls under champagne. Ukrainian “refugees” staged a revelry in Courchevel and caused anger

Ukrainians staged a feast at a ski resort in Courchevel.

Ukrainians staged a feast at a ski resort in Courchevel.

Probably many will agree with me that Ksenia Sobchak it is difficult to surprise with parties. The experience and skill of a long-term host of various corporate parties and parties, as they say, you can’t drink away. But the Ukrainian “refugees” managed to do this in the coming 2023. Photos and videos of Ukrainian youth walking in a fashionable resort appeared on her Telegram channel. Courchevel.

– This afternoon, about three o’clock in the afternoon. Courchevel (features of the spelling of K. Sobchak – ed.), the luxurious Bagatelle restaurant, a large table of people who speak Ukrainian. And the removal of 6 bottles of Krystal with the Ukrainian flag to the song about “***** them” (a cruel call for murder – author’s note), – she wrote in her TG channel. – Yesterday, similar shots were posted on z-channels, but I thought that this was another stuffing, I did not believe it. But no. Today I convinced myself. And ****** (surprised – a literary synonym for the verb used by Sobchak – ed.) from this picture of a “holiday” at the most expensive resort. I even asked the waiter how much it costs to organize such a takeaway with a flag. They said 20 thousand euros.

Expensive champagne was brought out to the music and with the Ukrainian flag.

Expensive champagne was brought out to the music and with the Ukrainian flag.

– I don’t know what kind of Ukrainians they are, maybe someone will recognize them or their girls in luxurious fur coats? Many of them are of military age,” she stated in her post further. – It seems that they and the Ukrainian authorities have something to talk about.

And what is it that so excited the “Bloody lady”? “They and the Ukrainian authorities have something to talk about.” For some reason, foreign agent Maxim Galkin and the rest of the “runners” treated kindly in Russia, pouring “slop” on the country, with the Russian authorities, do not puzzle her about what to talk about.

Oh, yes: as Ksenia admitted, “I sympathize with my own and Ukrainian people, I help many individual people on both sides of the border, but I can’t understand those who obviously make a career and improve life with the help of a universal ****** (the final and leaving no other options, catastrophic for some side, if not for all, the solution to the issue is another literary equivalent of the term used by Sobchak from the field of obscene vocabulary – ed.) And to his own – which one is indicated in the Israeli passport? And isn’t helping someone on the other side a criminal offense, which is also interesting if these people, for example, are members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or other Ukronazis?

However, now we are not talking about that. Mrs. Sobchak is surprised: “It is interesting, of course, what these patriots are celebrating. Especially when their compatriots endure the most difficult conditions and sit without light and heat.” But after all, she herself, and people like her all the past years, calmly walked not only in Courchevel and other fashionable places, striking the local population with the savagery of morals and scope for an ordinary medium-sized country. And they were not at all worried about how the rest of the citizens of Russia lived, how they made ends meet, survived and fought for themselves and their children in the same “holy 90s.” And, by and large, the current spree of Ukrainian “patriots” in a fashionable resort is no different in terms of persons from the point of view of the human morality of the participants from the previous Russian sprees. In the end, we can only welcome such a “rejection” from the mobilization of wealthy Ukrainians on our part, although it is clear that these people are rotten in themselves, and the same Ukrainians in the trenches, even though they are enemies, as people, are much more whole and more worthy of respect than this resort party carrion, whose way of life opposes the theses of Ukrainian propagandists about a “united Ukraine”. As, by the way, is the same madam, an officer of the press service of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine with characteristic lips and a specific ass, who recently posted her photo shoot from Paris in a microdress and confessed her love for the coming year.

In this whole story, the most interesting thing is different. Which, incidentally, was noted by Sobchak herself.

– My friend, a Russian employee of Hermes in Monaco, convinced me that this year new customers with Ukrainian surnames often come in for Birkin bags (one of the most expensive in the world), she said and concluded. I didn’t believe it then, but now it’s like this.

And in vain I didn’t believe it, Xenia. And Birkin bags, and trendy super-expensive resorts, and luxury cars, and even elite cars – Porsche, Maybach, Lamborghini, Ferrari, not to mention the usual BMW, Mercedes, ” Jaguar” with which the Ukrainian “refugees” forced many streets of European cities in social parking lots and near the centers for processing and issuing social assistance, and many other attributes of a chic life. Much of this, by the way, appeared after the theft and implementation of military and humanitarian aid from the West to Ukraine. The winter uniform sent to Kyiv from Sweden has not yet been unpacked, but it has already appeared on sale. And someone after that appeared and “BMW”. But so far, ordinary European taxpayers have to pay for this help out of their own pocket with increased costs. Who are squeaking, crying, who have to close their business due to increased payments, including because of assistance to Ukraine. Be patient, poor people. And the Kulebs, Zelenskys, Reznikovs, Arestoviches, Podolyaks and others like them are all asking Europe for money. I asked – this is already like a second surname for representatives of the Ukrainian authorities.

And the Ukrainians at this time in Courchevel will probably raise a toast to the help of the Europeans. The same elite champagne and under the “patriotic song”. Or maybe they won’t.


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