“Brothers of Italy” will not go to Russia for trouble – political scientist

According to all opinion polls, the center-right coalition within the parties “Brothers of Italy“,” League “and” Forward, Italy “was an advantage. On the one hand, this shows the disappointment of Italians in the left coalition, which has accumulated during the period of the coronavirus infection pandemic. This was stated by a Russian historian and political scientist, program director of the Valdai International Discussion Club” Oleg Barabanovcommenting Pravda.Ru Elections to the Italian Parliament. According to the expert, the attitude towards the Ukrainian conflict also played an important role in the voting.

“The previous government of the left actively supported Ukraine. And this just led to a split in the previous ruling coalition and to new elections. The current leader George Meloni also speaks out in support of Ukraine. But, most likely, they will not be among the activists, they will not go to the forefront of anti-Russian actions,” Barabanov believes.

The political scientist believes that the new Italian government will pursue a more moderate policy than its predecessors. It is possible that Meloni will begin to come up with peacekeeping and mediation initiatives.

“I think they are unlikely to get on the rampage of Russia. They do not need it at all,” the source said to Pravda.Ru.

The main problem within the EU is that the Brothers of Italy, the key party of the current coalition, comes from post-fascist circles, Barabanov believes. Therefore, in Brussels they have already begun to say that the Nazis came to power in Italy, the political scientist said.

Earlier, the center-right coalition won early parliamentary elections in Italy. The Union of the Right received 44% of the vote. The majority was taken by the Brothers of Italy party, led by George Meloni – 26% of the vote.

“Italy has chosen us and we will not betray it. The Italians have given a clear indication of a centre-right government led by the Brothers of Italy,” Meloni said.

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