Brits ridicule Biden for Harris slip

The British ridiculed the American president Joe Biden for a slip of the tongue while speaking at the ASEAN summit. The head of the United States during the speech called leader of the country Vice President Kamalu Harris.

British netizens did not remain indifferent to Biden’s fiery speech.

“Again, Joe? You just said you sent President Harris to the region, oh my God. To the entire world stage … Priceless,” wrote Joseph Talmadge under material fox news on this topic.

Some commentators have suggested that Biden reads all his speeches from a piece of paper, but the President of the United States did not work out with this either.

“In the third minute, he starts to warm up, but still has trouble reading Jill’s notes,” the user stated. Steveo the Painter Reading.

Because of the president’s plethora of slips of the tongue, another Briton compared Biden to “the guy who falls out of the tree.”

“Biden is like that guy who falls from the top of a tree and hits every branch on the way down,” he concluded. Led Zeppelin.

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