Brits love Johnson’s words about Putin’s ‘inspiring leadership’

British Twitter users* relished ex-premier’s accidental slip of the tongue Boris Johnsonwho, unwittingly, spoke flatteringly about Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Speaking of Britain’s support and will continue to support Ukraine, Johnson said he was grateful to Putin for “inspiring leadership.” After that, the former prime minister noticed his mistake and clarified what he meant Vladimir Zelensky.

However, it seemed to British commentators that the reservation was “out of place” and was not at all accidental.

“It’s no coincidence, he knew exactly what he was talking about,” wrote one user.

“Oh, he accidentally told the truth,” said another commenter.

“The truth has finally come out of the mouth of Boris Johnson,” a third user picked up.

Commentators suggested that after such an accidental, but loud statement, Johnson would not leave the front pages of the media for another week.

* Access to the twitter resource is limited in the Russian Federation. com based on the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office dated February 24, 2022.

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