British urged Zelensky to talk to Putin

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky should sit down at the negotiating table with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin instead of asking the West for arms supplies, readers of the British publication believe Daily Mail.

Users recommended the head of Ukraine to “make peace with Russia” and stop being a puppet of the United States.

In addition, many commentators drew attention to the fact that Zelensky meets with celebrities and participates in photo shoots during hostilities on the territory of his state. According to them, he uses Ukrainian soldiers as cannon fodder.

Readers of the British newspaper believe that Zelensky should conclude a peace agreement with Russia.

“He needs to try to negotiate with Putin instead of asking for more money and weapons,” summed up one of the subscribers.

Earlier Daily Mail readers said that “dating” ex-premier of Britain Boris Johnson Zelenskiy is costly for taxpayers.

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