British Prime Minister Johnson allowed the deportation of Ukrainian refugees to Rwanda

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that if refugees from Ukraine enter the UK illegally, they may be detained and deported to Rwanda, the publication reports. Guardian.

In mid-April, London and Kigali concluded a migration agreement under which the British authorities will be able to deport illegal migrants or asylum seekers to Rwanda for further proceedings. In an African country, illegal immigrants will be able to get asylum.

On Thursday, June 23, Johnson arrived in Kigali, where he was asked whether the British authorities would deport Ukrainians who arrived in the UK illegally to Rwanda.

“We are issuing 130,000 visas to Ukrainians, and they have at least two very good entry routes. But if you come here illegally… I’m afraid the answer is yes, theoretically it can happen,” Johnson said.

He added that such a scenario is unlikely.

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