British journalist investigates "cluster killings" scientists

Since the beginning of the 70s of the last century, under strange circumstances, dozens of scientists and engineers who worked in various fields, but within the framework of secret programs, have died. Of course, this aroused the interest of conspiracy theorists. Thus, the well-known British journalist and ufologist Nicholas Redfern called these deaths “cluster killings.” The Marconi Victims It began with Marconi Electronic Systems, which became part of BAE Systems Electronics Limited to develop “weapons of the future” and intelligence technologies. The first death overtook Robert Wilson, who held one of the major posts in the company. His place of work was in the English city of Chelmsford. One Sunday in 1972, Wilson was cleaning the attic and unexpectedly found secret documents of his company there. However, he did not understand how they could get there. Robert contacted the Marconi Company and they opened an investigation. Soon, Wilson was accused of having lost the documents himself and simply forgot about them, and this could lead to a leak of classified data.

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