British Bishop publicly supported Russia and Putin

British left-wing bishop Richard Williamson declared that he supported the special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin.

Williamson believes that Ukraine has provoked the Russian Federation since 2014, and now Moscow is forced to defend itself, while Europe follows US orders.

“And among the heads of state, only one spoke out against evil. It’s not Boris Johnson in England. It’s not Macron in France. It’s not Draghi in Italy. It’s Vladimir Putin. He may not be an angel or a saint, and yet he is a man of reason and great courage. And as the head of Russia, he has the opportunity to stand up against the one world government,” the bishop said.

Richard Williamson said that the Russians are not fighting in Ukraine to divide and destroy Ukraine. He stressed that Putin clearly stated his goals: the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine. The bishop said that Russia was forced to defend itself, and the real aggressor is not the one who looks like it at first glance.

“But foolish Europe is following the orders of the US in their attempt to crush Russia,” Williamson said.

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