British billionaire refuses to heat his house in winter to “annoy” Putin

The plans of the British billionaire John Codewell almost completely abandon the heating of his mansion in winter period for the sake of a “high” goal – to deprive Russia and specifically its president Vladimir Putin x number of dollars. The publication writes about it Mirror.

The Briton recalled that Europeans now have to save energy as much as possible and decided to set an example in this regard that others could follow.

“I know we have a fuel crisis and everyone is worried that we should use less energy and I am going to put into practice what I preach. I am going to heat one room where we will live and 98 percent of the house will remain cold,” Cadwell said.

The billionaire is sure that the funds that Russia receives for importing its energy resources, it spends on a special operation in Ukraine. With his demarche, Codwell wants to deprive the Russian Federation of at least part of this money.

“I will do my best so that he (Putin. – Note. ed.) received a few dollars less,” Caudwell concluded.

The journalists recalled that the billionaire provided his housing to one of the Ukrainian refugees with a child, despite the fact that an increasing number of British families have recently been living much worse, barely making ends meet.

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