Britain will help Ukraine to rebuild and protect against future aggression

With their courage, Ukrainians have shown the whole world that no force can overcome a people who have decided to be free.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said this in a video message on his page in Twitter.

“On the 75th day since the attack began, Ukrainians fought with fearless strength and courage to repel a Russian attack on Kyiv, thwart Putin’s invasion plan, and show the world that no force can overcome a people determined to be free,” Johnson said.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain assured of the unwavering support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, striving to live in peace and freely on their own land, the right of each country.

“We in the UK are proud to stand side by side with our Ukrainian friends from the very beginning, supplying Javelins and NLAW missiles for tank defense, StarSteak for air defense, Brimstone for naval threats,” Johnson said.

Britain continues to send military equipment, including armored vehicles and radars, ambulances, medical equipment and humanitarian aid, and has provided £1bn to support the economy, he said.

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“Britain will help Ukraine to rebuild and defend against future aggression… I have never been so sure that Ukraine will win. Ukraine will be free, and a sovereign Ukraine will be reborn, and Britain will be with you for as long as it takes,” Johnson assured.

As Ukrinform reported, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said earlier that Russia is annoyed by the proximity of Ukraine and Britain, which means that both countries are really powerfully defending freedom in Europe.

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