Britain is testing a secret plan in case of a weekly blackout

The British authorities have developed and are testing a secret plan “Programme Yarrow” (Yarrow). It involves checking the operation of transport and communications, as well as the possibility of food and water supplies in the face of a week-long blackout.

European governments continue to be accused of raging energy crisis Russia, but they themselves, secretly from the population, are preparing for emergencies. On the eve it became known that London is stress testing a secret plan to combat power outages.

British government documents warn that food and water supplies, transport and communications could be disrupted for up to seven days by a power outage in the country amid fears of winter power shortages. Daily Mail.

Local officials fear that power problems will be worse than forecasts of experts, as meteorologists promise a cold winter this year.

Under the plan, electricity will be evenly cut across the UK once a day. The duration of the daily blackout will be from one to three hours.

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