Bridget Brink intends to return the US embassy to Kyiv as soon as possible

Bridget Brink, during a hearing in the relevant committee of the US Senate on her appointment as head of the American diplomatic mission in Ukraine, said that she would make every effort to return the embassy to Kyiv as soon as possible

Hearings were held at the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“I don’t know exactly how soon we will be able to return to this process, but I know that we will try to do it as soon as possible. And, of course, this is my hope and plan – if approved, to get the opportunity to start my mission directly in Kyiv,” the diplomat said.

She clarified that in the current situation, security conditions must be taken into account.

“I have a high level of trust in our security experts, including those on the ground, who give us advice so that we can advance our strategic interests. This means being present and working with the Ukrainian authorities, other embassies, and coordinating with Washington from Kyiv,” Brink added.

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She also noted that she considers her number one priority to promote strategic interests, “which are that Ukraine be a democratic, sovereign and prosperous country.”

In this regard, Brink vowed to work with Congress to help Ukraine succeed on the battlefield and at the negotiating table, and to ensure that Russia suffers a “strategic defeat” in its attempts to dominate Ukraine.

The Ambassador expressed her readiness to work with Congress to ensure continued humanitarian and economic support for Ukraine, as well as to bring those responsible for war crimes in Ukraine to justice.

Brink noted that she considers helping Ukraine to rebuild as another priority of the US Embassy’s efforts.

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“We support the decision of the people of Ukraine for greater integration into the European community, as well as the desire to implement the complex and serious domestic reforms necessary to achieve this goal,” Brink emphasized.

As Ukrinform reported, Bridget Brink worked until recently as the US Ambassador to Slovakia. On April 25, President Joe Biden nominated her for the post of head of the American diplomatic mission in Ukraine.

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