Brazil’s first death from monkeypox outside of Africa

The first fatal case of monkeypox outside of Africa was reported in Brazil.

As an Ukrinform correspondent reports, Reuters.

Brazil on Friday reported the first monkeypox-related death outside the African continent during the current outbreak.

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It is noted that shortly after Brazil, a death from monkeypox was reported in Spain.

The Brazilian victim was a 41-year-old man who also suffered from lymphoma and a weakened immune system, according to the health ministry.

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Of yesterday’s two cases, the WHO has confirmed only five monkeypox deaths, all in Africa.

Overall, Brazil has reported 1,066 confirmed cases and 513 suspected cases, most in the state of São Paulo.

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Monkeypox, which usually appears only in Africa, is spreading to Europe and North America, Ukrinform reported.

monkeypox does not spread easily among humans. This occurs only through close contact, for example, through infected particles from ulcers on the patient’s skin, by airborne droplets during prolonged contact, and through objects on which infected particles have survived.

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