Brazil and Mexico could humiliate the Biden administration

The Joe Biden administration is working hard to ensure that the Summit of the Americas, due to take place in Los Angeles, is a success. However, there is no certainty about this. Moreover, the summit could be a great humiliation for the US administration.

The fact is that Presidents of Brazil and Mexico may refuse to attend the summit – Jair Bolsonaro and Andres Manuel López Obrador. And they can refuse if Washington fulfills its promise not to invite representatives of “autocratic” states to the summit, according to The New York Times.

Those in the White House include Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. And Washington’s reluctance to invite representatives of these states has already provoked sharp criticism from the President of Mexico.

“A growing number of Latin American and Caribbean heads of state, including the presidents of Mexico and Brazil, the region’s two largest countries, are considering not even showing up, threatening to deliver a humiliating blow to the White House“, — notes NYT.

According to Obrador, if the representatives of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are not invited, he will not personally go to the summit, although the Mexican delegation will be in Los Angeles.

The opinion of the President of Mexico was supported by the leaders of Bolivia, Honduras and a group of Caribbean states. Brazil’s government sources told the New York Times that Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro has similar views.

Which, by the way, is not entirely clear, since Bolsonaro is often called the extreme right, and he has not previously been seen in sympathy for Cuba or Venezuela. Rather, on the contrary, after he became president, the relations of these countries with Brazil deteriorated sharply.

The American administration has time to think, no official invitations have yet been sent out.

It is worth noting that another undertaking by Washington has already ended in failure. In the final declaration of the US-ASEAN summit, the American administration failed to get a mention of the condemnation of Russia. Representatives of the countries of Southeast Asia refused to do this, despite the calls of Joe Biden.

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