Boston Celtics win 98-109 against Brooklyn Nets


boston celtics managed to win against brooklyn nets as a visitor by 98-109 in a new day of the NBA. Previously, the Brooklyn Nets players achieved the victory away from home against Miami Heat by 101-102, while the Boston Celtics also won at home to New Orleans Pelicans by 125-114, so after this result they completed a streak of six consecutive wins. With this result, boston celtics It has 31 victories in 43 games played, which allows it to stay in the Play-off positions. For his part, brooklyn netsAfter the game, they also remain in Play-off positions with 27 victories in 41 games played.

The first quarter had several movements on the scoreboard and ended with a result of 31-29. After this, in the second quarter there were again alternations in the light until it ended with a partial result of 26-31. After this, the teams accumulated a total of 57-60 points before the break.

During the third quarter there were again several movements on the scoreboard, which ended with a partial result of 25-24 and a total of 82-84. Finally, during the last quarter boston celtics He managed to distance himself in the electronic, in fact, the team achieved a 10-0 partial and increased the difference to a maximum of 13 points (91-104) and the fourth ended with a partial result of 16-25. After all this, the clash concluded with a final result of 98-109 for the visitors.

Along with all this, the players of boston celtics who stood out the most during the confrontation were Jason Tatum Y Marcus Smart, who had 20 points, five assists and 11 rebounds and 16 points, 10 assists and six rebounds respectively. For their part, the local team highlighted Kyrie Irving Y T.J. Warren for his actions in the match, with 24 points, six assists and two rebounds and 20 points, one assist and one rebound respectively.

In the next NBA game, boston celtics will face Charlotte Hornets in it Spectrum Centerwhile in the next game, brooklyn nets you will see the faces with Oklahoma City Thunder in it barclays center.

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