Borussia plays in the same way as the Scots – Petrakov

“Tomorrow everyone will play, there are no restrictions. We have 17 outfield players. Tsygankov can’t play yet.”

Head coach of the Ukrainian national team Oleksandr Petrakov shared his expectations for the upcoming friendly match against Borussia Mönchengladbach, Ukrinform reports.

Borussia is similar in scheme, they play 3-5-2, somewhere they switch to 4-3-3. So does the Scottish team. It would be good if our legionnaires, the main players, would come. Let’s play, the guys understand everything. We tell them how to play, we have time. Borussia Dortmund are very good opponents and play in the same way as the Scots.

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I like that everyone gives in to training. No one whines, no one says anything. And to say what form they are in … everything is going fine.

Just yesterday I spoke with Yarmolenko, we laughed a little. Sometimes you have to laugh, because the roof is tearing. Everything is fine, Andrey leaves on May 23 for the national team. I asked him if he would need a weekend, he said no, he would immediately come with Mikolenko. I’ll call Zinchenko today. I talk to all the guys, every week. You don’t need much either, otherwise they will come and say: “Vasilyevich, you will not let us get bored.” The guys are doing well, the main thing is that there should be no injuries. On May 12, we will send the final challenge to the legionnaires.

Tomorrow everyone will play, there are no restrictions. We have 17 outfield players. Tsygankov can’t play yet. Gutsulyak will go home, he has an injury, fell out for two weeks. Viktor Kornienko was also injured and did not come to the national team. Sergey Krivtsov did not play for half a year, he just started his recovery,” Petrakov said.

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The Borussia vs Ukraine match will take place on May 11, starting at 21:45.

As Ukrinform reported, on the morning of February 24, Russia launched rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities, and then launched a large-scale invasion. The war against Russia continues for the 76th day.

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