“Borscht index” in the Orenburg region amounted to 153.40 rubles in October

According to experts, the average cost in the country of one of the most popular among Russians dishes – borscht – in October was equal to 151.94 rubles for four plates.

As writes, a similar amount of this dish in the Orenburg region will cost a little more – its cost in October was 153.40 rubles. When calculating, the experts were guided by the average cost of vegetables in a regular chain supermarket, and they tried to choose the most economical options for food and meat – in this case, beef was replaced with chicken.

It also turned out that borscht will cost the cheapest residents of Sochi, where four plates of this dish will cost only 105.58 rubles.

The authors of the “borscht” rating argue that the cost of borscht in different Russian regions can be used to judge the real value of food inflation in different localities and in the whole country.

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