Boris Korchevnikov clashed with Solovyov in earnest

Boris Korchevnikov won the voting for the title of

Boris Korchevnikov won the voting for the title of “Best TV presenter of 2022”.

A photo: Viktor GUSEYNOV

The political agenda determines a lot, so Vladimir Solovyov, who every night talks about the main events on the Rossiya channel, was incredibly close to victory. And yet, in the end, Vladimir Rudolfovich gave way to a young colleague who specializes in less relevant, but no less important things. Perhaps Solovyov will be consoled by the fact that he lost the first place to his channel comrade Boris Korchevnikov. Probably, the way Boris emotionally hosts his talk show “The Fate of a Man” bribed the audience – it seems that it is precisely such emotions, vivid and almost melodramatic, that are lacking in our harsh time.

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov.

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov.

A photo: Alexander SHPAKOVSKY

It should be noted that Solovyov demonstrates not only a firm political position, but also incredible stability – last year he was also second in our poll. But the first line was then taken by the host of the “Ice Age” Alexei Yagudin, who was unlucky this year – the eminent skater rolled back (in every sense of the word) to fifth place. But Dmitry Nagiyev did not fall out of the top ten, who, recall, this year did not appear in his beloved “Voice”, and as a presenter flashed only in KVN. Nevertheless, the audience did not forget about Dmitry and the necessary portion of voices was poured into him.

Best TV presenter-2022

1. Boris Korchevnikov (“The fate of a man”) – 1292 votes (11.28%)

2. Vladimir Solovyov (“Evening with Vladimir Solovyov”) – 1213 (10.59%)

3. Azamat Musagaliev (“Once in Russia”, “I don’t believe you”) – 1106 (9.66%)

4. Alexey Pimanov (“Man and Law”) – 836 (7.30%)

5. Alexei Yagudin (“Ice Age”) – 804 (7.02%)

6. Andrey Malakhov (“Hi, Andrey”, “Malakhov”) – 799 (6.98%)

7. Artem Sheinin (“Time will tell”) – 676 ​​(5.90%)

8. Ivan Urgant – (“Evening Urgant”) – 615 (5.37%)

9. Dmitry Nagiyev (KVN) – 547 (4.78%)

10. Vyacheslav Makarov (“Mask”, “Avatar”) – 536 (4.68%)


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