Boris Korchevnikov about the son of Yana Poplavskaya, who left for the NWO: “Klim helps military priests”

Boris Korchevnikov

Boris Korchevnikov


Son of Yana Poplavskaya a month ago I went to the zone of special military operation. Klim Poplavsky passed combat training in Chechnya. He did not say anything to his famous mother. The fact that the heir put the parent before the fact, said Boris Korchevnikov.

Boris Korchevnikov spoke about his son Yana Poplavskaya, gone to the NWO zone. The TV presenter respects the decision of Klim Poplavsky.

“It so happened that the son Yana Poplavskaya texted me about wanting to volunteer, to help the military priests. And save my mother, I didn’t tell her,” the artist said.

He empathizes very much with Poplavskaya as a mother and thanks the artist and her son: “Today Yana and Klim do an incredible amount for the fighters and people of Donbass“.

Recall that in ordinary life Klim Poplavsky is engaged in directing, he is married, has a son. In difficult times, he decided to stand up for the defense of the Motherland. “Mommy… I love you, Mommy! God Bless!” – he wrote to a parent from the Donbass.

Poplavskaya, although she worries about her son, is still very proud of him. Every day Yana Evgenievna expects good news from him and actively helps the Russian fighters financially and personally meets with them.

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