Boris Johnson is tipped to be NATO Secretary General. And could become the Ukrainian prime minister

The scandalous politician is promised different positions, as long as he does not interfere in British affairs

The scandalous politician is promised different positions, as long as he does not interfere in British affairs

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Sacked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is due to leave the prime minister’s Downing Street residence in early September, when members of the now ruling Conservative Party elect a new leader. Johnson, famous in his post for his relentless circus act, was not forgiven for organizing riotous parties with heavy booze in this very residence at a time when ordinary Britons were required to strictly comply with anti-COVID restrictions.

Boris kicked to the last, obviously not wanting to vacate the chair he had heated up in such a shameful way. He admitted to one of the main sponsors of the Tories that he “would erase everything” that prevents him from remaining prime minister. Along the way, he criticized his possible successors, Foreign Minister Liz Truss and ex-Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, to the nines, saying that they would lead the party to disaster. And, they say, an energetic and capable figure will have to clear the rubble – that is, he himself.

But then the inhabitants of the United Kingdom kicked up! According to opinion polls, three-quarters of Her Majesty’s subjects categorically do not want to see Johnson in leadership positions in the country – the life of people under him has become noticeably worse due to the high cost and energy crisis.

But the nomenclature is the same in the West as elsewhere. Politicians of Johnson’s caliber are not so easily scrapped. And now the newspaper The Telegraph today she announced that the outgoing prime minister could be transferred to another, no less responsible, job. Boris was tipped off for another post Secretary General of NATO instead of the Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg, whose term expires next September. According to many, here Johnson would definitely come to court. Firstly, he is a firm supporter of expanding the bloc and strengthening its military power (it was Boris who in every way insisted that Sweden and Finland apply for membership in the alliance), and secondly, he is a childishly sincere hater of Russia, ready to continue the centuries-old traditions ” crap Englishwoman”, and thirdly, not only a true ally of the United States, but in which case he can take on the role of Washington’s overseer for those Europeans who will not be too zealous to follow the instructions descending from across the ocean.

True, some people began to laugh: this will be a new circus attraction with horses, a professional trickster will now amuse the audience in the NATO arena! So what? If in America once-male admirals and nuclear industry workers now powder, make up and go to official events in skirts and high-heeled shoes, then why shouldn’t the eternally unkempt Boris, who once portrayed a frog or showed how a car engine roars, manage the largest in world military bloc? Moreover, the candidate has already received the most ardent support from … Ukraine! The Telegraph writes that the Kyiv regime would welcome such an appointment. By the way, the day before, Boris Johnson awarded Volodymyr Zelensky with the British Churchill Medal. Apparently like a clown clown. But it is unlikely that Sir Winston himself would have been happy about this.

However, Kyiv has already given up. A petition appeared on the President’s website to grant Ukrainian citizenship to Boris Johnson and appoint him Prime Minister of Ukraine. Too bad my Brit doesn’t own it. But it does not matter, they will give him an indulgence – they will assign an interpreter.

So, if something suddenly doesn’t work out for Boris with NATO, welcome to be prime minister for the “square”. He has the necessary experience, and what kind of parties you can throw there! And most importantly – no one will say a word of reproach, everyone will run to participate.

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