Bogotá Lottery: winners for Thursday, January 12

Did you play the Bogotá Lottery and want to know if you won? Here we leave you the results of draw 2673 carried out this Thursday, January 12.

Take good care of your ticket, it is very important because it is the official proof to collect the prize in case you become a winner, keep it in a safe place and make sure it is not damaged.

When you win a Bogota Lottery prize, there are two options to claim them.

The first can be done in your favorite lottery or through any store of official distributorsas long as the reward does not exceed six monthly minimum wages.

The second applies if the award is greater than six monthly minimum wages, then You must go to the offices of the Bogota Lottery with the winning ticketa copy of the citizenship card, a letter of authorization addressed to the Bogotá Lottery where you request that the prize be deposited in a certain bank account or by check and fill out the SIPLAFT form at this link.

The winning combinations of the Bogotá Lottery draw are:

Jackpot: 3356.

Mega Gordo Prize: 4307.

Super Gordo Award: 9727, 6754 and 1990.

Prizes of 50 million pesos: 6484, 8253, 6990, 8177, 7620, 2937, 8414, 0569, 2461 and 7608.

The Bogota Lottery holds one raffle a week, every Thursdayafter 10:30 p.m., in which you can win several billion pesos.

Click on the following link to see the complete list of winners of the last draw of the Bogota Lottery.

Bogotá Lottery held its last draw and here are the winning numbers (File)

How do you win in the Bogota Lottery?

To play the Bogotá Lottery you have different optionsyou can buy a ticket physically with the official distributors at the “Paga Todo” or “LotiColombia” points, you also have the option of purchasing it online.

If you want to buy online, you must first access your official website and access the user profile by clicking on the “Profile” button and entering a username and password, if you do not have one, you can create it in the “register” option, then fill out the form and click on the button to “register”.

When you enter the profile, select the date of the draw in which you want to participate, it is worth mentioning that Bogotá lotteries draws every Thursdayin case it falls on a holiday, it is changed to any other day of the same week.

Knowing the date of the next draw the winning combination is chosen, a four-digit number. Later, the series is chosen from the existing optionswhich is a three digit number.

Afterwards, the number of fractions for which you want to play is chosen, the ticket is purchased and the order is finalized. The cost of the Bogotá Lottery is 15,000 pesos for the ticket and 5,000 pesos for the fraction.

The Bogotá Lottery offers six types of prizes per draw. The first is the Jackpot of 9 billion pesos, followed by the mega fat which is 400 million pesos, on the list are the three prizes Super fat of 100 million pesos, 10 prizes of 50 million pesos, 10 more than 20 million pesos and 30 more of another 10 million pesos.

Created since 1967, the profits of the Bogotá Lottery are destined for Public Assistance75% for the programs of the Ministry of Public Health and the Department of Protection and Social Assistance, as well as 25% for the District Institute for the Protection and Childhood and Youth.

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