Bogomolov told how Europe reacts to his “red passport” of the Russian Federation

Producer Konstantin Bogomolov He spoke about the attitude towards the Russian people he encountered during his trip to Europe.

The theatrical figure said that he only read about cases of Russophobia in the EU countries, but in practice he personally did not encounter this. Nor did his acquaintances complain about the hostile attitude of Europeans towards Russians.

“It will probably be unpleasant for those who are “ashamed”, but in Europe I meet – everywhere among ordinary people doing business, not politics – among drivers, owners and employees of shops, restaurants and cafes, individual employees, just people on planes and trains, on stations and on the streets, among young people, middle-aged, elderly – everywhere and everywhere only hospitality to the Russians. Hospitality and respect, “wrote the spouse Ksenia Sobchak in your microblog.

The director assured that he did not hear a single heavy sigh from the people to whom he showed his Russian “red” passport.

Ksenia Sobchak said that Ukrainians approached her in one of the European countries and asked her to take a picture with her. Citizens of Ukraine at the same time explained that they would not publish photos on social networks, so as not to incur the wrath of fellow citizens.

Previously directed by Konstantin Bogomolov performed a beautiful dance with a petite blonde girl.

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