Bogomolov “strangled” a charming blonde in his arms: this is not Sobchak

Producer Konstantin Bogomolov performed a beautiful dance with a petite blonde girl. Ksenia Sobchakwill probably find out about her husband’s dance from the news again.

Bogomolov published a video in which he is circling on the beach in a dance with a cute girl to the song “Clouds” by the Ivanushki International group.

The video caption explains everything.

“Daughter and Summer,” the director signed the touching footage.

The director does not have a soul in his heiress, born from an actress Daria Moroz. His declarations of love for a girl often become an occasion for intriguing news headlines that attract the attention of Ksenia Sobchak.

The journalist previously admitted that bought not one of those “repulsed” headlines, which reported that Bogomolov introduced his new girlfriend. In retaliation, Ksenia posted a picture of her son Plato, whom she introduced as her beloved man.

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