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Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft has successfully launched its second test flight. On Friday, May 20, with the help of a heavy Atlas V launch vehicle, he successfully launched from Cape Canaveral in the US state of Florida, entered orbit and headed for the International Space Station (ISS), said US Aerospace Agency NASA on Twitter.

Starliner is expected to arrive at the ISS in less than 24 hours. It should dock to the US Harmony module ISS. According to NASA, the ship has already begun an independent flight and is preparing to dock with the station.

Second test flight in unmanned mode

The flight of the ship takes place in an unmanned mode, instead of astronauts in the place of the captain, there is a mannequin dressed in a space suit, named Rosie (after the character of posters representing American women who worked in enterprises during World War II). It is equipped with sensors to measure the g-forces awaiting future astronauts. Starliner will deliver more than 360 kg of supplies to the ISS, stay there for a week and return to Earth.

The Starliner made its first test flight in December 2019, with Rosie also on board. Due to an emergency situation, he was unable to rise to the required altitude for docking with the ISS and returned to Earth two days after launch. The second test flight was scheduled to take place in August 2021, but was canceled three hours before the launch due to technical problems. Between two test flights, about 100 adjustments were made to the Starliner. With a successful test, NASA could certify it for its first test flight with astronauts on board.

Boeing along with US private company SpaceX takes part in the NASA Commercial Crew Program, the purpose of which is to deliver astronauts into space. Boeing received more than $5 billion to develop the crew capsule under a NASA contract, while SpaceX received $3.1 billion. SpaceX has already completed four missions to deliver astronauts on ships Crew Dragon.

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