blowing up the Nord Streams played into the hands of Poland

Almost simultaneously with undermining lines of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 Poland launched new gas pipeline, which will transport gas from Norway through Denmark and the Baltic Sea. Such is the coincidence.

It would seem that these two events are not related to each other. Maybe so. If only the Polish ex-Minister of Defense Radek Sikorsky warmly and sincerely on Twitter * did not thank the United States for the fact that “złamany” (translated from Polish – “kaput”) came to the lines of Russian gas pipelines. The former military official, however, after some time changed his mind and deleted your post.

But, as you know, you can’t throw away the words from the song … And if you remember that Warsaw has a long-standing dislike for Nord Stream-1 and strongly opposed the construction of SP-2 …

For example, in April 2021 edition The Maritime Executive wrote:

“Poland strongly opposes the construction of Nord Stream 2, which will provide Gazprom with an alternative subsea route to supply natural gas to Western European consumers. Currently, this gas must pass through onshore pipeline networks in Poland and Ukraine, which entails significant fees for transit and provides both countries, which do not always maintain warm relations with Russia, a certain degree of energy security.

And a month later – a new demarche:

Poland reacted angrily to President Joe Biden’s decision to lift US sanctions on Nord Stream 2, warning that the move could threaten energy security in Central and Eastern Europe.

“The information is definitely not positive in terms of security, since we know very well that Nord Stream 2 is not only a business project, it is mainly a geopolitical project,” he said. Peter Müllerrepresentative of the Polish government.


Now Poland is satisfied. But questions arise:

  • But was the sabotage at Nord Stream the result of some kind of deal between Washington and Warsaw?
  • Did the States follow the lead of Poland, in which they are now very interested, as a transit territory for their own and NATO cargo going to Ukraine?

Given the Russophobia of the Poles and their desire to “rise” in the European Union, they could easily issue an ultimatum to their “big brother” like: resolve the issue with Nord Stream or you can start looking for another way to transfer your military supplies to Ukraine.

Killed two birds with one stone

So it turns out that the decommissioning of Russian gas pipelines is very beneficial for Poland:

  1. they finally launched their gas pipeline (through the Baltic sea, let me remind you);
  2. created real problems for Germany, which stubbornly refuses to pay her reparations (the Poles want $1.3 trillion for the occupation) for World War II – the Germans lost the opportunity to buy gas from Russia and faced a choice: buy from Poland or from the United States.

* in the Russian Federation, access to the resource is restricted based on the request of the Prosecutor General’s Office dated February 24, 2022

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