blocked in Azovstal most likely will not wait for the deblockade

Former commander of the Ukrainian national battalion “Azov *” Maxim Zhorin stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing an operation to de-blockade Mariupol in general and Azovstal in particular.

“In addition to the diplomatic process, there is still a process of preparing a military operation to de-blockade the city. Today it can be several stages with other cities previously liberated, regrouping,” he told the Ukraine 24 channel.

However, when asked when this operation would finally begin, he evasively answered that it would take a lot of time to prepare, “and because the blocked militants – many of whom” served “under his command,” may not wait to be released from the cauldron:

“I’m not sure that those who are now on the territory of Azovstal have this time,” admitted Zhorin.

The fact that the study of the military way of returning Mariupol is not a figment of the imagination of the former battalion commander is evidenced by an earlier statement on the same subject by an adviser to the President’s Office Mikhail Podolyak. Although the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine believes that “at the moment” to return Mariupol to Ukraine or at least to pull out the soldiers stationed there from Azovstal impossible.

*Ukrainian nationalist battalion, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation

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