Blanca Arellano case: Juan Pablo Villafuerte planned to commit suicide, according to Panorama

Blanca Arellano: The main suspect in her death plans to commit suicide | Panorama

The case of Blanca Arellano brings new revelations. According to Overview, John Paul Villafuertethe main suspect in the death of the Mexican tourist, “plans” to end her life.

The Sunday revealed that a farewell letter was found on the laptop of his seized property, which he planned to share on social networks, after finalizing his suicide for “family dishonor” and being singled out as “femicide”.

“This will be a fight that I will not be able to win and I will not bear the humiliation of being taken prisoner like an animal, as they are branding me,” reads the last paragraph that he wrote. Villafuerte in a Word sheet.

Shock and indignation has been caused by the notorious case of the foreigner Blanca Arellano.
Shock and indignation has been caused by the notorious case of the foreigner Blanca Arellano.

“Yes, the measures were taken, since he has suffered an alteration in his logic, it may be that he wants to harm himself. We sat him down in the cabin he was in and we took our measurements,” a police chief told Sunday.

In statements revealed by Panorama, the medicine and biology student stated: “I am going to collaborate with everything possible through my innocence. I also want to be in my case. I’m innocent and I’m going to prove it.”

From the imputation of trade in organsthe main suspect in the death and dismemberment of the tourist replied: “I am a university student, I pay for my studies by doing the work of others, helping future doctors with exams.”

In the report, the subject denied loving white arellanowho is known to have even sold his car in Mexico to come to Peru, and assured that they were only “virtual friends.”

Juan Pablo Villafuerte claims to be innocent of the disappearance of Blanca Arellano. Video: ATV

“He came to Peru, he wandered around, he ran out of money and he asked me for help… I gave him all the help possible, giving him lodging and my only requirement was that the days he was in Huachowhich was two a week, please, so as not to have problems with the lady, who had already complained about her, simply that she not be there, ”said Villafuerte.

Since the case became known, Villafuerte Pinto he has been elusive with the investigations, to the point of denying any relationship with Arellano, when he was questioned by police officers.

For the psychiatrist, charles bromley: “These people are usually cold, calculating, lacking empathy, lacking respect and consideration for human life… They tend to lie very easily to cover up their crimes, they manipulate the information they give and measure their responses to avoid being identified” .

According to the expert, this causes the aforementioned characteristics to end up being diagnosed as a psychopathic disorder of personality.

Relatives of Blanca Arellano made statements from outside the Mexican embassy with great regret.
Relatives of Blanca Arellano made statements from outside the Mexican embassy with great regret.

“The violent crimes where there is dismemberment, or as the extraction of organs. there are cases in which the victims have even appeared in a suitcase, this is related to the idea of ​​100% disappearing the victim, of denying their existence or also to use the victim for certain purposes”, explained the specialist.

After the 72-hour period of preliminary detention against Juan Pablo expired, the Public ministry requested nine months of preventive detention against him.

Through its social networks, the Prosecutor’s Office reported that it had formalized the investigation, given that the preliminary detention period of 72 hours had expired.

The Judiciary will have to schedule the date of the hearing and determine, after listening to the parties, if it accepts the restrictive measure. If this is the case, the university student will be confined in a prison in the capital. Declare founded to proceed with this request.


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