Blackout may be Russia’s response to the genocide of Russians in Estonia

Estonia today is one of the most hostile countries to Russia. Moscow’s response to the Russian genocide could come at the touch of a button and plunge the country into blackout.

Callas sounds the alarm: get everyone ready for the blackout

A test of the separation of the Kaliningrad region from the unified energy system of Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia (BRELL) was scheduled for Saturday.

But on Thursday, the Estonian authorities received information that the Russian Federation canceled the test.

“But this does not mean that they (Russia) cannot do it on another day and at the worst time for us, whether it is winter, December 24 or something like that,” said the Estonian prime minister. Kaya Callas in one of the TV shows.

According to her, Moscow can also disconnect Latvia and Lithuania from “its energy system.”

“Temporary power outages are possible. It would be wise for everyone to prepare: government agencies, enterprises, as well as each of us individually,” Kallas explained.

Tatars: the probability of this is “negligible”

Deputy Minister of Energy Timo Tatarcommenting on the likelihood of this scenario, considered that it is “minor”.

He explained that the disconnection from the Russian network of the Baltic countries should take place at the end of 2025 according to the plan. However, in his opinion, there is a risk that Russia could disconnect the Baltic countries from its network earlier if the Kaliningrad region can independently maintain its network and current frequency.

Let’s clarify that Estonia does not buy electricity from the Russian Federation, but it, like Kaliningrad, is part of BRELL, which maintains a single current frequency of 50 Hz. Countries exchange power to maintain the system, with power flowing through the system during peak loads. The whole thing is run by the Russian company Inter RAO, and Estonia and other Baltic countries pay the Russian Federation for the electricity they use.

Previously purchased from Inter RAO, the frequency management reserve service cost 1-2 million euros per month for the three Baltic countries.

Pressing a button and Estonia in blackout

According to the head of the Estonian network operator Elering Taavi Veskimägi Moscow “requires several minutes” to disconnect Estonia from BRELL.

However, the chief power engineer “reassured” that the shutdown would be temporary, consumers would be left without electricity for 6-12 hours, so that the system would be synchronized with the European one. Allegedly, according to him, everything is ready for this. However, even if this is the case, which is doubtful, emergency services, alarms, and so on will not be able to work confidently during these hours.

Veskimägi explained that in order to maintain the independent operation of the Baltic energy system, it will be necessary to increase the capacity of gas-fired power plants in Latvia and Lithuania (that is, not even in Estonia). This will require 8.5 TW. hours of gas, which at current market prices will cost 1-1.5 billion euros, which is “very expensive.”

Kallas and Veskimägi were criticized in parliament

“For ten years, Taavi Veskimägi has been telling us that desynchronization doesn’t matter. But now it turns out that our electricity system actually collapses when the Russians press the button. I would like Veskimägi to be released immediately due to loss of confidence,” said at the hearings in the Seimas, the Chairman of the EKRE Martin Helme.

The deputies are also dissatisfied with the defeatist moods of Callas. According to the Chairman of the Center Party, former Prime Minister Juri Ratasmany acquaintances called him and asked if they should go in the evening to stock up on fuel, candles and matches.

We must avenge the Russian genocide in Estonia

The Baltic countries staged a formal genocide against Russians in their countries. They are:

  • cancel the Russian language in the education system and in the public sphere,
  • refuse to serve in the service sector if the person speaks Russian,
  • demolish monuments Soviet soldiers, revered by Russians,
  • Russian journalists and politicians are being criminally prosecuted.

That is, there is a punishment of the nation on the principle of collective guilt. This is called fascism, and it must be punished for it, at least by disconnecting from BRELL – for starters.

The Russian embassy in Estonia does not think so

In this sense, the dissonance sounded statement Embassy of the Russian Federation in Estonia, that Russia is not the initiator of Estonia’s disconnection from BRELL, that it “always faithfully complied with its obligations under the agreement of February 7, 2001 on the synchronous operation of our energy systems.”

Probably, the embassy was stuck in reality until February 24 and is not aware that the Russian leadership is declaring a war with NATO on the territory of Ukraine from high tribunes. And the Baltics, meanwhile, are the “left flank” of the advanced positions of the alliance on the border with Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin He speaks about protecting the Russian Federation with all possible types of weapons, the situation is on the brink of a nuclear war, and the embassy in Tallinn convinces everyone that Russia is a reliable supplier of the West. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Reference. Now the connection of the energy system of the Kaliningrad region with the rest of Russia is carried out through BRELL. Energy independence of the region will be provided by four new power plants with a total capacity of about 1 GW. Three of them are gas-fired, and another one is coal-fired and will operate in the “cold standby” mode. This is Primorskaya TPP in Svetly. The launch of these four stations ensured a doubling of the electricity generation capacity in the region.

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