“Black mark” for Biden: Top-secret US analytical notes on Ukraine discovered

Discovery of more classified material raises questions about how Biden keeps documents

Discovery of more classified material raises questions about how Biden keeps documents

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The headlines of overseas newspapers are more and more like the editorials of Pravda in 1937, during the noisy campaign to “fight against the enemies of the people and spies.” Influential newspaper New York Times (NYT) writes, “The discovery of even more classified material raises questions about how Biden keeps the documents.”

For readers far from American realities, it should be clarified that the NYT is considered a newspaper close to the ruling Democratic Party – whose leader is the current US President Joe Biden. So to speak, the party itself warns its own general secretary: “Are you going there, comrade?”

Perhaps, at another time, the big media would have put the brakes on this scandal – they usually support the “democrats” for reasons of ideological affinity. And, on the contrary, they fight in every possible way with their Republican opponents.

For example, when Trump got into a similar puddle – a dozen folders with stamped documents were found on the estate of the former president, which he grabbed when leaving the White House – the scandal was monstrous, the security forces began an investigation, and Biden, discussing this incident with reporters, wittily called the unfortunate Donald “irresponsible person”.

And now it is precisely this phrase that the NYT is reminding the current owner of the Oval Office – they say, it is not yet known who is more irresponsible here. Actually, the fact of the discovery of “X-files” at the former place of work of the “democrat” – in the Biden Center for Diplomacy founded by him – is far from new and took place last fall. But now the liberal press “for some reason” inflates this scandal day by day.

And recently it turned out that another set of secret documents – which the overgrown Biden, known for his forgetfulness, could simply lose – was found at another address (the exact location, probably “in the interests of the investigation”, was not disclosed). The most interesting question – what was contained in the X-files – also has no answer. According to rumors, some secret analytical notes about Ukraine and other countries of the American presence.

Republican opponents, who now control the lower house of the US Parliament, are already threatening to be investigated, if not impeached. It is unlikely that it will be possible to really remove the 46th president from power, the Trumpists do not have the required number of seats in the Capitol. But, pardon the slang, “media mochilovo” in the American media has flared up in earnest. This seems like a black mark for Biden, because instead of fulfilling the campaign promise “Build Back Better” (we will build better than it was), the new US administration only got involved in a senseless and destructive Ukraine crisis.

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