Billions on the lips: how the allies punished Ukraine for lying

Ukraine is demanding more and more financial assistance from the West.

Ukraine is demanding more and more financial assistance from the West.

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It is time for the European Commission to compile a table of statements by Ukrainian officials and experts to give them before speeches, so that they lie more believably. Otherwise, today they don’t remember what they said yesterday, and tomorrow they won’t remember what they lied about today.

Everyone probably remembers how Economic adviser to President Zelensky Oleg Ustenko in the spring he whimpered, asking the West for 4-5 billion dollars a month as a monthly aid, otherwise the pan president, together with Nezalezhnaya, would be ordered to live long and bring beautiful flowers to their graves in an even number. And after some three months, the same Oleg Ustenko significantly increased the required quitrent, which the West must pay, while, free of charge, raising the bar from $5 billion to $9 billion monthly and until the end of the year.

– Poor Yorick! – it was just right to exclaim to everyone who heard the sobs of the adviser to the President of Ukraine on economic issues. Which for some completely incomprehensible reinforcement of his request “give me money!” dragged GDP to the budget deficit of Ukraine, the size of which now can only Alexey “Lyusya” Arestovich or Anton “Antonina” Gerashchenko predict, and then for the reason that they do not care what and what to lie about.

But just yesterday, a deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Yaroslav Zheleznyak, appeared on the stage. Who either did not hear the groans of Ustenko, or did not understand their meaning. And he literally washed away all the lies drawn by Ustenko with such zeal. Zheleznyak reported that budget expenditures for July amounted to 175 billion hryvnia.

– This is very cool, because a month ago we had expenses of 232 billion, and in May in general 250 billion, – proudly reported Zheleznyak. At the same time, he emphasized that the budget revenue for this month amounted to almost 114.5 billion hryvnia. UAH 86.9 billion was provided by the tax and customs authorities, another UAH 27.5 billion was printed by the National Bank of Ukraine.

That is the budget deficit amounted to just over 60 billion hryvnia. Or in translation at the rate of 1.65 billion US dollars. Not 5 billion and, even more so, not 9 billion dollars, but a little more than one and a half billion. Monsieur, where did you ask for another 7.5 billion dollars in this case? Or did you think that the main thing is to whine plaintively: “Uncles, give me a billion?” And there the basket will open and pour you out of the cornucopia for the most do not indulge. So after all, these are not Ukrainians, but Europeans and Americans, so far your Arestovich’s memory has not been beaten off by his spells and passes.

Apparently, the questions of just such a plan forced the European Commission to stop issuing an Independent loan in the amount of up to 8 billion euros, which in Kyiv and Brussels was publicly and officially called macro-financial assistance. As we wrote earlier, a huge proportion of this so-called “aid” is banal loans, albeit given at a preferential interest rate. But those “sweet days” are over. The European Commission stopped the loan tranches, because it had to admit the absence of a “safety cushion” – loan insurance coverage. At the same time, the amount of coverage in the case of Ukraine has reached a fantastic figure – 70% of the loan amount. This is because financial interaction with Nezalezhnaya carries “increased risks.”

By the way, this Guarantees from EU countries could become a “safety cushion”. But among the faithful “allies” of the Square, there was not a single state that would want to risk its own 5.5 billion euros. But it was simply not necessary to lie so selflessly and shamelessly steal. However, the EU also did not have to lie, calling loans help. They are worth each other, in general.

I wonder what the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine had to cut in order to sequester budget expenditures like this? It is unlikely that spending cut the police and the army. But what about doctors and teachers – don’t go to your grandmother.

It seems that Europe has finally realized that no poultices will help Ukraine. And that it will not be possible to return previously issued loans, let alone new ones.

Very late they have ignition there. But better still later than never.

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